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4C Global Consultancy Limited

The 4C vision is simple. Growth. As commercial and business development consultants to the energy, marine and other sectors, we deliver the commercial strategy and consultancy services needed for sustained growth.

Company Profile

4C supports leadership and management teams to develop growth strategies that work, delivering quality services founded on the four key pillars which not only gave our company its name but also embody our everyday ethos:

·        Confidence – set yourself apart by maximising self-awareness

·        Curiosity – explore the market to improve your understanding of customers

·        Consistency – ensure a stable and sustainable sales process

·        Courage – turn difficult negotiations into profitable wins


By creating the right commercial strategy, 4C can create a platform for sustained growth – domestically and internationally – by transforming sales culture, embedding a mindset of continuous improvement and ensuring accountability at all levels.


Using in-depth strategic growth tools, risk mitigation and conflict resolution skills plus broad sales experience and pragmatic business acumen, we offer a specialist consultancy service which pinpoints new solutions whilst maximising existing market share.  By adopting a suite of tactics such as identifying stakeholders, exploring buying patterns and removing potential barriers to success, 4C achieves tangible improvement in commercial positioning time and time again.


For more information, visit: https://www.4cglobal.co.uk/