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Avalone Consultants Limited

Engineering and software development consultancy – specialists in blockchain, process engineering and the energy industry

Company Profile

Avalone Consultants offer process engineering and software development expertise with a strong background in the energy industry.

Colin is a Process Engineer first, but also a programmer; Andy is a Software Engineer first, but also a Chemical Engineer. Both have worked together to deliver hi-tech solutions in the Energy Industry for many years, including the delivery of full digital twin plant simulations.

Our specialties are in process simulation, flow assurance, digital twins, full stack software development, and DLT/blockchain.

We have experience with building accurate process dynamic simulations, including control and shutdown systems, and integrating these to create Operator Training Simulators (OTS). Both ones that are fully simulated, and ones that tie directly into the control system software.

Our DLT/blockchain experience includes building a prototype to allow for optimisation problems to be solved by distributed teams for a UK university.

We also have extensive knowledge of software development for both web and desktop. As well as the directors (Andy and Colin) we have a network of software and process engineers on hand to assist us. Our business model is to be agile in our business practices and draw on a network of professionals in other SMEs.