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Earth Science Analytics AS

Innovative technology company expanding possibilities with Artificial Intelligence

Company Profile

Earth Science Analytics is a fast growing company that makes innovative use of cutting edge technologies to deliver solutions that drive increased efficiency and productivity for its clients. Upgrading technical workflows, elevating fidelity of results and uncovering new insights provides the foundation for its clients’ business growth and profitability. Originating in the Oil and Gas sector, the combination of deep expertise in both geoscience domain and new technologies, uniquely positions Earth Science Analytics to become a trusted partner to guide energy companies on their digital journey. Supporting this transition, Earth Science Analytics offers a holistic suite of tools and services that incorporate the power of Artificial Intelligence to accelerate a company’s capacity to transform and capitalise its current investments of data, infrastructure and human resources.

Furthermore, to support the team of experts within Earth Science Analytics, strategic partnerships are actively developed to ensure the best calibre resources are engaged in identifying and delivering the full business value of every project. With several successful collaborations already demonstrating high potential returns, Earth Science Analytics is ever seeking the right expert partnerships to solve more and broader challenges.