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Excellence in UXO Resolution.

Company Profile

EODEX’s main activity is in identifying and disposing of marine Unexploded Ordnance (UXOs) on a global basis. EODEX was formed to bring this specialist military technology to the commercial market and change the way industries undertake UXO disposal. Our mission is to encourage government, regulators and industry to avoid deliberate High Order detonation for commercial UXO disposal operations. This process causes considerable damage to the marine habitat and can never ensure that mammals and other sea creatures are completely out of harm’s way. Our technology causes UXOs to be burnt out without detonating - a process called Low Order deflagration.

EODEX is based in Aberdeen, London, and Portsmouth. EODEX was founded in 2018 after a team of former Royal Navy specialist clearance divers recognised that UXOs could be dealt with in a more environmentally friendly way. This led to forming a partnership with Alford Technologies in 2019 who had been instrumental in originally designing and testing the technology before it was deployed for military purposes only. Around 40 people have been involved in its development and taking it to market.