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Next Generation Data Historian & AI Insights for Industry.

Company Profile

Discover VROC's range of industrial data solutions to help you unleash the value of your data. 

DataHUB4.0 is a new generation enterprise distributed historian, specifically built to ingest, and pre-process data for machine learning. With DataHUB4.0 customers can store all available data sources in one location, eliminating monolithic architecture, hidden licensing, maintenance, and support fees as well as per seat cost. Multiple users throughout the organisation can access historical and real-time data for live monitoring, analytics, and visualisations, without compromising data integrity and spending large amounts of time data- wrangling.

OPUS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) no code AI Platform, specifically designed and built for Industrial Big Data. VROC is built to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and be used by your existing team to quickly build, train, and maintain models of your asset without programming or coding experience. Implement real time predictive maintenance and process optimisation enterprise wide, stopping unplanned shutdowns and failures, delivering savings across your triple bottom line.


We look forward to helping you uncover the hidden value within your operational data. Contact us for a demo today.