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NAMAKA COMPLIANCE - Embracing Digital Transformation

NAMAKA COMPLIANCE - Embracing Digital Transformation


Namaka Compliance has embraced Digital Transformation by creating Athena, an online Competence Management System (CMS) that allows organisations to track their personnel’s competence in the Energy Sector and allow for career progression and Energy Transition from Oil and Gas into renewables.

The old method of conducting competence assessment was the use of logbooks, excel spreadsheets and checklists. Athena has now replaced these old and antiquated ways by using an online CMS in the Oil and Gas sector. This is vital as the world is now advancing into the 4th Industrial Revolution of technology. Such applications are now critical for business operations.

Any company that operates in the environment of High Risk, High Hazard industries such as, Oil and Gas where the potential for Major Accident Hazards (MAH) exist must be legally able to demonstrate under the Control Of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH) Regulations 2015 that they have competent personnel. This must be demonstrated as part of their Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) or Safety Case. COMAH has also stated, “The COMAH regulations and the lessons learnt from major incidents indicate that it is not enough to assume that exposure to training and experience assures competence”.

Athena was designed after a workforce engagement in the offshore industry from a variety of trades to gain a better understanding of the type of system they would like to see and utilise. Creating the system this way means it not only aligns with industry and organisations requirements but is also compatible with the end-user needs. In addition to this, Training and Competence experts were consulted to ensure that the process flows adequately.

Namaka Compliance has created a CMS that allows the workforce competence to be assessed and verified as competent in organisations undertaking safety-critical roles. Namaka Compliance has recently assisted PETRODIVE, an independent diving company providing the Maritime and the International Oil and Gas Industry with a complete underwater contracting service with this offering.

As part of this development, Namaka Compliance has developed a competence framework that looks at the safety-critical tasks of divers in Trinidad and Tobago. The initial period was developing all the policies, procedures, forms etc, that would be required initially. All staff and contractors were then assigned to Athena to allow the organisation to view their competence profiles as part of a digital transformation in real-time.

Namaka Compliance has created a range of unique features within Athena, these include a structured Training Development Plan, Competence Tree Mapping which allows candidates to progress and pursue relevant career structures. Identification of Leadership and Supervisory positions and ensuring safety critical roles are captured. As part of the digital system, it allows the workforce to include video evidence along with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets to be used. This allows organisations and their clients, regulators etc. to view in real time the competence of their personnel.

The key benefit of Athena is allowing organisations to utilise digital technology to no longer require assessors or verifiers to be onsite, eliminating risks of additional personnel present on Major Accident Hazard sites and reducing their carbon footprint. Being a digital system also reduces their environmental impact by reducing the requirement to print documentation by up to 95%.

Jamie Murphy, Managing Director of Namaka Compliance, said, “We certainly see more organisations utilising Digital Transformation to capture Training and Competence of their personnel. Therefore ‘Athena’ our online CMS, has been built in mind with, and we look forward to rolling this out to further markets in the near future”.

As part of the digital transformation, Namaka Compliance currently has clients utilising ‘Athena’ online CMS in European, African, Middle Eastern and Caribbean regions.

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Published: 18-11-2021

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