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The Value of Engineering Data

The Value of Engineering Data


Complex engineering information is a core asset of our energy sector. As new technologies enable the digitisation of legacy information and modernise current data collection methods, it is vital that infrastructure is integrated to connect engineering and operational data.

Ensuring data is configured for integration with internal and external systems is becoming increasingly important as regulatory guidance requires industry collaboration and modernisation.  Standardising approaches to data management is a fundamental element in organisations leveraging new technologies and techniques.

We now see organisations focusing on becoming data driven to better access complex engineering information and apply intelligent solutions to turn data into a powerful, trusted, and valuable asset. These organisations can apply new technologies to modernised ways of working and make informed decisions that support future efficiencies by having standardised, usable and clean data.

Identifying Intelligent Solutions

With a myriad of technical solutions available for the energy sector’s challenges, organisations are faced with investment decisions about which best fits their needs. From bespoke applications to commercial-scale, off-the-shelf solutions, the prospect of one system fulfilling all the answers is often a pipe dream.

Traditional legacy systems which often incur heavy initial investments, can unfortunately slow down progress towards data driven goals. At Sword we are regularly asked to help overcome frustrations with technology underperforming in line with expectations, and the outcome is often to customise a solution with a modular approach to fit their unique challenges.

With a focus on reducing costs, reducing health and safety risks, and fast-tracking their contribution on the journey to net zero, Sword have developed easy to use, cost effective, intelligent software solutions to bring a single source of truth for connected engineering data that underpins progress towards meeting strategic organisational goals.

Software Pick’n’Mix

In pivoting organisations to become data driven, we often need to sieve through paper data, silos and big archaic systems which hold unstructured data hostage. Our role is to turn it into verified, accurate and trusted structured data. With decades of experience, Sword have a software suite designed ‘by engineers for engineers’ that includes 6 modules to support various stages of the information management lifecycle: Collect, Data Manager, Navigator, Pick & Link, Intelligence and Generator.

Our Collect module is commonly utilised by EPC’s or owner/operators in large capital projects to facilitate data collection and handover. The Data Manager module looks at the content and standardises it in line with ISO classifications, and then our Navigator software provides the accessible method of visualising data.

Our Pick & Link software module ensures the relationships between data is clearly identified by providing the ability to view, create and manage these complex models. Our Intelligence module uses Microsoft’s Power BI which provides the capability to build detailed reports from structured data and visualise the model. Finally, our Generator app can be used to create structured, validated and approved breakdowns for elements such as tag numbering.

Intelligent Software Solutions in Action

Our software modules have been used to help deliver multiple global projects. In one such project, 1.6 million assets were collected and validated across 30 countries and with the involvement of 8 EPCs. Our Collect tool allowed the accumulation of the data from multiple suppliers and combined this with the software’s reporting and analytics functionality and our Pick & Link tool which enabled the retrieval of the engineering data and documents.
The benefits of a combination of Sword’s software suite included the establishment of a single source of truth, standardisation of data, and access to a user-friendly tool with appropriate support and guidance to provide well informed data driven decisions throughout the delivery of their project and beyond.

Becoming Data Driven

To achieve data driven outcomes, we need to place data at the heart of our operational and project thinking. We have the longevity to support future evolutions of the solutions and services and remain on hand to maintain software evolutions and provide guidance and support. Enabling our customers to rely on their data as a single source of truth is a cornerstone in building strong data foundations, embedding digital technologies and facilitating modern ways of working.

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Published: 10-11-2022

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