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GA R&D Ltd, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, is a highly innovative and experienced technology design and product development company focused on delivering novel global energy solutions.

Company Profile


Our Headquarters are based in the heart of Aberdeen Harbour, in the United Kingdom. We operate in 9 countries and have an experienced team to co-ordinate global operations from the Capital of Energy in Europe. G A R&D Ltd is a highly innovative technology product development company, focused on delivering global energy solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is driven by a passion to design and deliver highly novel commercial technology solutions which adresses real & existing challenges in the Energy Industry, whilst reducing cost, improving performance and reducing environmental impact in global operations. Having listened to the industry and learned from its challenges, we have now defined and designed innovative solutions to address our first 2 targets. So far we have developed 2 highly novel patented global energy technologies aiming to support the O&G Industry by reducing operational cost and in readiness to deliver the second technology for the Power Generation Industry on a global scale.