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Genny Hire Ltd

Genny Hire is a generator rental company specialising in the hiring of diesel generators, which are suited to a wide variety of applications through out North East Scotland.

Company Profile

Genny Hire Ltd are an established plant hire company based in Aberdeen. We offer 50/60Hz Diesel Generators ranging from 3 - 1250KVA which are designed for industries including Oil & Gas, Marine, Farming, Construction, Leisure Events, and many more.

We have fuel tanks ranging from 1000L to 6000L to extend the running time of your machine especially if you're in hard to reach areas or require a 24hr run time. We have towable lighting towers, X-Eco 6, LED Floodlights that give an instant bright light, equipped with auto start/stop light sensor, AMOSS System automatically lowers mast if moved, all fitted to petrochemical standards.

We also have a vast range of distribution to accompany our generators, DNV transit frames, towable fuel bowsers, bulk fuel tanks, power distribution units (PDU), socket panels, 3PH heaters, 690V transformers, 300KW and 600KW load banks and all cabling to connect your equipment to our generators.

We have technicians available 24hrs 365 days a year to assist you with servicing and breakdown so you can have peace of mind that you have a reliable machine with capabletechnicians on standby ready to help you. If you have any requirements please contact us and we can assist.