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Global Maritime

Global Maritime is an independent marine consultancy with over 40 years track record and experience in delivering marine warranty surveying, dynamic positioning, specialist offshore engineering and safe & cost-efficient marine operations. 

Company Profile

Global Maritime is a marine consultancy that works across the maritime sector. Our expertise is underpinned by our global technical experts and enhanced by our digital solutions.


Our services include:

  • Offshore Renewables
  • Shipping
  • Energy
  • Aquaculture


Offshore Renewables

With focus on innovation, practical experience and operational excellence, Global Maritime will help you through every stage of your renewable energy project lifecycle, no matter where you sit in the value chain.

Global Maritime's experience in offshore wind, marine tidal and solar power combined with our innovative design, engineering and marine warranty knowledge, you can be sure of safe and effective design, execution and operations and a crucial future contribution to the energy mix.


From increased regulations and over capacity to port investment and infrastructure requirements, the shipping industry – responsible for 90% of global trade – faces significant challenges.

Global Maritime is committed to safe and successful shipping operations and to partnering with port authorities, terminal operators, shipping companies, and marine insurers through each stage of their asset’s lifecycle. Our team has extensive experience in port design, development and management; shipbuilding and vessel operations; and in all forms of offshore marine structures.


With safety, efficiency and cost, all key drivers in current offshore oil & gas industry, Global Maritime and our teams of structural & marine engineers, naval architects, master mariners and risk analysts will partner with you through each stage of your asset’s lifecycle.

Global Maritime’s engineering, marine warranty and dynamic positioning services will ensure that value is generated at each asset stage, whether it be concept development and design, construction and shipyard support, operations or eventual decommissioning.


With aquaculture providing half of the world’s seafood, Global Maritime is at the forefront of this fast-growing industry and in the design, construction and operations of offshore fish farms.

From ensuring their stability and structural strength in harsh conditions through to the logistics of supporting and maintaining such offshore infrastructure, Global Maritime provides the very best in offshore and semi-submersible technologies and innovations throughout the asset lifecycle.

Global Maritime is the world’s foremost engineering company for the design of offshore fish farms. Since 2013, Global Maritime has been heavily involved with several floating and seafloor based offshore fish farm constructions.