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Glulam Solutions Ltd.

We are a Specialist Design, Supply and Installation Contractor providing Low Carbon and Healthy Timber Engineered Structures throughout the UK.

Company Profile

Glulam Solutions Ltd. are Scotland’s only timber engineering contractor, supplying sustainable glulam, cross laminated timber and advanced floor, wall and roof panel systems across the UK. With extensive experience in timber engineering, Glulam Solutions are working hard to convince, clients, architects and engineers on the true possibilities for glulam products across both domestic and commercial sectors. Core offer clients a personal design service, using the latest 3D CAD systems, off-site MMC manufacture, on-site installation and full project management. Timber is considered as a true sustainable building resource, being fully replenishable, providing excellent CO2 capture and of course being a zero carbon material. But another significant benefit is the aesthetics and warmth that it produces in any finished building, with its significant structural properties making it suitable for a range of applications, limited only by the designer’s imagination.