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ANYbotics Appoints Tech Leader for Next-Gen AI-Driven Robot

ANYbotics Appoints Tech Leader for Next-Gen AI-Driven Robot


ANYbotics is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrea Corda as Chief Research & Development Officer. Formerly Chief Technology Officer at Electrolux, where he led Research & Development (R&D) teams of up to 700 people, Corda brings a wealth of experience in complex systems engineering, AI, and scaling. He will be instrumental in elevating ANYbotics’ next-generation AI-driven robot architecture to mass deployment, meeting increasing global demand. This appointment marks another key milestone in ANYbotics' global expansion of AI-driven autonomous inspection robots.

Developing Cutting-Edge AI-driven Robotics Architecture at Scale

As industries worldwide increasingly use robots to automate complex and hazardous inspection tasks, the demand for autonomous inspection solutions such as ANYmal from ANYbotics has risen sharply. This underlines the use of AI-based solutions in the industry in its continuous pursuit of 24/7 uptime and reliability.

ANYbotics has evolved from a pioneering scale-up to a global leader in AI-driven robotics, with hundreds of robots deployed worldwide, and is continuously expanding to meet growing market demand. The company continues to maintain its hallmark world-class quality and reliability while scaling up production. In 2024, after commencing series production with Zollner, ANYbotics celebrated a significant milestone by producing the 100th ANYmal robot.

Corda's appointment affirms ANYbotics' commitment to excellence, supporting this growth from a Research & Development perspective. Corda's leadership will drive ANYbotics' next-generation AI-driven robotic architecture, ensure the successful advancement of its leading technology, and support production scaling to thousands of units.

Meet Andrea Corda - A Global Leader in Technology Development

With more than two decades of experience in complex mechatronic systems and scaling in highly competitive markets, Andrea Corda brings extensive product and technology development expertise, especially where advanced hardware and software come together.

As the former Chief Technology Officer of Electrolux, he built and led Research and Development teams of up to 700 across Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Andrea elevated global synergies in systems engineering, product reliability, modularity, and safety, along with extensive experience in global services.

Commenting on his role, Corda said: "I'm thrilled to join ANYbotics for two reasons. First, the dynamic blend of technological advancements and market needs. Second is ANYbotics' central role in shaping the future of AI-powered robotics in autonomous industrial inspections. Their unique capabilities, especially their ability to deliver complete autonomous solutions in industrial environments with superior mobility based on advanced AI, make them stand out in the field of industrial inspection.”
Corda also emphasized the company's leading position in the industry, highlighting its innovative approach, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to excellence.
“Having evaluated many companies, I found ANYbotics at the forefront of robotics and AI and uniquely suited to tackle real-world industrial applications today and in the future. I look forward to accelerating our journey and expanding our deployment from hundreds to thousands of industrial-grade autonomous robots worldwide,” Corda continued.

Strengthening ANYbotics' Global Growth Journey

With Andrea Corda on board, ANYbotics reaffirms its role as a pioneer in autonomous inspection solutions and expands ANYmal deliveries worldwide to meet current demands. This underlines the company's attractiveness for high-caliber leaders in shaping the future of AI-driven robotics.

Dr. Péter Fankhauser, Co-Founder and CEO of ANYbotics, comments, “I’m thrilled to bolster our team with Andrea as a seasoned technology leader. His proven track record and innovation mindset are key to meeting the rapidly growing global demand for thousands of robots while maintaining our signature quality and reliability.”

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Published: 24-05-2024

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