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Doing it “well” for the environment with superior solutions

Doing it “well” for the environment with superior solutions


When it comes to well integrity, ingenious and environmentally aware solutions which lead the charge in pushing boundaries should be central to the planning and successful delivery of any forward-thinking project.

With an increasing need to zoom in on sustainable strategies, more and more companies are carefully examining their impact on the world in which they operate and it’s ever more important for them to look at how they can do their bit.

Driven by a relentless passion for technological advancement and a desire to re-think existing well integrity operations, HydraWell’s team of innovators has combined its long and proud Norwegian heritage with globally won experience to carve out a strong track record in Plug & Abandonment (P&A) operations, underpinned by a well sustainability strategy and a deeper sense of responsibility.

Offering smart, superior, sustainable options which exceed expectations lies at the heart of everything HydraWell does and a 98% plugging success rate means customers have confidence that environmental conscious options can successfully marry with optimum results, wherever and whenever they are needed and even at short notice.

As an inventive solutions provider with an Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) mindset fully embedded in all areas of the business, HydraWell is committed to reducing carbon footprint and waste generation both internally and for each and every one of its clients. An unstinting commitment to ESG best practices has been woven into corporate policies to ensure careful monitoring and improvement on performance across all technology development projects, operational performance, business activities and facilities management. HydraWell has introduced annual improvement targets that are shared with stakeholders and encompass energy saving initiatives, reduced travel requirements through IT upgrades and choice of facilities to reduce its own carbon footprint.

From Stavanger to the world, the company has its finger on the pulse on how best to transform well operations thanks to constant exploration of new avenues and bringing to market ingenious solutions. These increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact as well as having the potential to reduce operating costs by up to millions of dollars so it’s little wonder demand is on an upward trajectory.

Key to putting words into action and shaking up the market in recent times has been the design, development and testing of HydraWell’s patented Perforation, Wash & Cement (PWC®) portfolio for wellbore specialist applications.  Whilst customers around the world have been familiar with the technology and its benefits for some time, close collaboration has facilitated significant enhancement in operational efficiency – and the identification of new applications for this flexible system which can be adapted to rise to new challenges.

From permanent P&A and slot recovery to restoring annulus integrity and casing show repair, HydraWell’s PWC® nimble method enables highly efficient installation of rock-to-rock barriers.

More than 380 PWC® bespoke plugs have been installed for 20 operators in 13 countries so far – and the journey is only just beginning as more and more companies seek safe, efficient, reliable and cost-effective P&A.  And remarkably, each barrier can be installed in 36 hours.

PWC® technology offers a step-change in performance and has the potential to slash the operational sequence by up to six days when compared to the conventional section milling alternative. Based on reduced operating times of diesel-powered semi-submersible drilling units, that’s 720MT CO2 emissions – or the equivalent of 6km of car travel for every well HydraWell’s technology helps to abandons.  Furthermore, PWC® can report six-and-a-half years LTI free and it produces zero swarf handling issues and zero metal shavings sparking huge and positive environmental benefits due to the elimination of transportation needs, pollution risk and landfill capacity.

PWC® is just one of the many ways HydraWell is working hard to fulfil its vision of continuing to improve its solutions, operations and approach. At the heart of it all is the ultimate aim of achieving sector-wide accelerated positive change which will help to protect and improve the world we all live in.

When you need to improve your future outlook, HydraWell does well.

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Published: 26-01-2022

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