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Flexible riser reutilisation unlocks potential to extend the life of subsea fields

Flexible riser reutilisation unlocks potential to extend the life of subsea fields


Showcasing areal breakthrough in riser integrity management for offshore oil and gas operations, Chris Spraggon, managing director at The Impulse Group, explains their pioneering Flexible Riser Annulus Vent Port Inspection and Cleaning System.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the oil and gas industry, the continuous drive for efficiency and cost reduction remains a constant. A pivotal focus is extending the design life of flexible risers, integral components of subsea infrastructure crucial for offshore exploration and production.

Chris explains: “While traditionally seen as single-use assets with a finite lifespan, industry experts are recognising the untapped potential for reutilising flexible risers.

“This not only aids in extending the life of aging assets, it also opens up opportunities for optimising investigations in new and diverse oil and gas exploration areas.”

Flexible risers are widely used in offshore oil and gas operations to transport fluids from the seabed to surface facilities. These risers are equipped with annulus vent ports, which are essential for releasing permeated gases and vapours from the pipe annulus. If these vent ports become blocked, it can lead to overpressure and rupture of the outer sheath, potentially resulting in environmental damage and operational disruptions.

The Impulse Group has various products and services thatensure the release of these permeated gases and maintain the integrity of the outer sheath.

Alongside systems and kits for cleaning and debris removal, they also have unique inspections systems to check and verify flow paths and flow rates – even for the small-diameter tubing found with the end fitting that can be challenging to inspect due to restricted access.

Chris adds: “Our innovative inspection and cleaning system utilises an articulating camera and can be inserted into the vent port tubing to provide a visual inspection of the end fitting’s interior.

“This is so much more than just a visual aid, as it also allows for early detection and prevention of blockages or corrosion within vent ports, safeguarding the structural components and overall performance of flexible risers, whilst debris or corrosion within the vent pipe is also removed using the cleaning arrangement. Essentially improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime for our customers.”

If you want to enhancesafety and reliability for the continued success of your oil and gas operations, contact The Impulse Group today about their Annulus Vent Port Inspection and Cleaning System.

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Published: 06-02-2024

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