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#SubseaExpo24 - Westwood Global Energy Group - Stuart Leitch

🌟 Insights from Subsea Expo 2024 with Stuart Leitch from Westwood Global Energy Group πŸ’Ό Westwood Global provides bespoke market intelligence and consultancy services in the energy sector, covering various topics like CCUS, oil and gas, and supply chain dynamics. πŸ” Stuart discussed his talk on the CCUS market's role in the energy transition, focusing on CCUS development and offshore supply chains. The engaging discussion took place yesterday at the conference center. πŸ’° Stuart highlighted the significant opportunity in the subsea supply chain, with potential for nearly 50% of EPC spend in Western Europe coming from the CCUS market. πŸš€ While the CCUS market presents substantial opportunities, Stuart acknowledged its current size compared to the broader oil and gas industry. #SubseaExpo #WestwoodGlobal #OGVGroup πŸŽ‰πŸŒ