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#SubseaExpo24 - Bluestream an OEG company - Rold de Vries

We start Day Two of #SubseaExpo featuring Rolf de Vries from Bluestream - an OEG Group company. πŸ’Ό Bluestream, a key player in the offshore industry, seamlessly integrates into OEG's plans to expand its product range into renewable markets.. πŸ”„ Bluestream's focus on diverless intervention and innovative R&D technology enhances its inspection capabilities, offering a safer and more productive solution for subsea operations. πŸ’° Looking ahead, Rolf envisions a collaborative future where diverse portfolios drive industry transformation, emphasising the importance of aligning with investment phases and addressing the full lifecycle needs of the market. πŸš€ With a strong foundation built on decades of independent success, Bluestream is poised for continued growth within the industry, supported by strategic acquisitions and a commitment to innovation. #SubseaExpo #Bluestream #OGVGroup 🌍