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14001 Certification Received, as Film-Ocean strives to reduce its ecological footprint

14001 Certification Received, as Film-Ocean strives to reduce its ecological footprint


Film-Ocean Ltd (Film-Ocean) has recently achieved the industry recognised ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. Achieving this global standard is a testament to the company's commitment to implementing a robust environmental management system (EMS) that continuously monitors, manages, and improves its operations – Headquartered out of Scotland.

Film-Ocean has successfully obtained certification after undergoing a number of audits and the process clearly showcased the documentation and execution of their EMS throughout their business. Film-Ocean maintains a dedication across the entire company through regular audits, operations, and environmental plans.

Achieving ISO 14001 is a major accomplishment for Film-Ocean, demonstrating their dedication to continually improving their environmental performance.

“The entire team have done a fantastic job to improve on our environmental considerations throughout the operations carried out at Film-Ocean. There has been a real commitment to the process and a collaborative effort across the board. In particular, the approach taken in the new Film-Ocean facility has gone above and beyond to ensure an A+ environmental efficiency rating and has some unique features to reduce the overall footprint of the business” says Mike Mackie, Head of Operations at Film-Ocean.

As part of the ISO 14001 certification, Film-Ocean set clear environmental and energy efficiency deliverables for its new HQ facilities, stating that it must contribute towards the company meeting its net-zero targets.  Construction of the new facilities was complete in January 2023 and represents a significant investment for the business.

“At Film-Ocean, our goal is clear, to ensure that the operations we conduct as a business do not harm the environment. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in all aspects of our business. We actively work towards reducing and offsetting our ecological footprint, recognising our role in safeguarding the environment for future generations.  We will continue to review and implement new technology as it becomes available and there are some exciting additions coming that will ensure we continue to evolve and improve.” Said Scott Jenney, CEO Film-Ocean.

Earlier this year, Film-Ocean relocated to a new headquarters specifically designed to be environmentally friendly. After a few months, the company has observed a significant reduction in its environmental impact due to this move.

The lighting in the building is powered by low-energy LED systems that adjust to the light levels throughout the day to create the best working conditions. Additionally, the building's 36-panel solar PV array is fully functional and delivering a significant amount of the building’s electricity requirements.

Film-Ocean has, for a number of years, used environmentally friendly oils and alternatives throughout the vast majority of assets and operations to further reduce the potential impact to the environment.

Film-Ocean is striving to become net-zero by 2024 and their new energy-efficient headquarters is helping them stay on track to meet their energy efficiency goals.

ISO 14001 will help Film-Ocean achieve its intended EMS goals, enhance its environmental performance, meet compliance obligations, and benefit the environment, the business, and its stakeholders.

Published: 11-09-2023

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