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SUBSEA EXPO 2019 - OGV Interview Stephen Rolfe from Advisian

SUBSEA EXPO 2019 - OGV Interview Stephen Rolfe from Advisian


Hi Steve, so what brings you to subsea Expo 2019?

W're excited to be here today actually to kind of showcase Advisian subsea capability, we’ve been having some interesting conversations where some of our peers and their colleagues around the sort of things that we do and I think we've got a few things that are a little bit different to offer.

And can you tell us a little bit more about the products and services that you're showcasing here?

Yeah absolutely, I mean consultancy services are essentially what Advisian is providing here. Where you provide the kind of mix of management and technical consulting, in this particular example, in subsea, we're looking at; developments, we look at field development planning, engineering design scopes through to decommissioning planning and just general problem-solving.

And we're seeing a lot more technology in the subsea sector at the moment, what sort of impact is that having for you?

Yeah it's had quite a significant impact across the way we look at things, and, you know, my view is that there's an awful lot of technology out there and more often than not it’s about selecting the right technology. You know, there are ways to spend money; where's the best place to spend the money, being able to make decisions around which technology to use where it's appropriate, where it’s not appropriate, that's really fundamentally important. Certainly in the North Sea applications where it's quite a dynamic environment lots of competing technologies and being able to figure out which is the best one that uses can be a challenge million.

Published: 12-03-2019

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